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Being a Mac guy, Adobe Illustrator is my program of choice so all of my files are in Illustrator 8 or CS2 versions. However I understand a large percentage of my customers use Corel Draw. Occasionally there are some issues in opening my files in Corel. Finding information about compatibility is not exactly easy but I have compiled the information I have come across to try and help people solve their issues.

Some things you might want to check-

• Instead of double clicking, opening,  or dragging the eps file into Corel Draw try the “import” function. When you import into Corel, it will give you import options.  Select “import as editable” and check mark “curves”. (See Below)

• In Corel select “PS Interpreted”

• Make sure you sure your using the “Import” command and not the “Open” comand (File/ Import)

• Enable PDF compatibility and disable compression

Import as editable

CorelDRAW lets you “extract information” from the EPS through the “Import as editable” option. CorelDRAW converts all the EPS objects to CorelDRAW native objects (some limitation may apply), so you can select any vector object and change its color, or any bitmap and edit it inside CorelDRAW or PHOTO-PAINT.

Note that using this option, the EPS is is no longer EPS; all are CorelDRAW objects which you can export as EPS or any other available export format.


From the Corel Draw Website:

Importing an AI file
Corel programs provide full support for all AI file formats up to and including Adobe Illustrator CS3.

For files saved in Adobe Illustrator CS or higher, text can be imported as text or curves if the files are PDF-compatible.

Corel programs cannot import AI files containing bitmaps linked as EPS files.

Adobe Illustrator graphics are imported into the program as a group of objects. Click Arrange Ungroup to manipulate objects in the imported graphic. If you open an AI file instead of importing it, you do not need to ungroup objects.

Flash movies embedded in AI files are not imported.

Objects filled by using Live Color groups (color schemes) appear correctly in CorelDRAW, but the Live Color groups are not maintained as color styles.



Corel Draw Version Information

Versions 1 thru 8


Graphics Suite 9 – 1999

Illustrator V7 eps compatible

Might need a V3 eps file. (Send me a note via my contact page and I will get this file to you)

Import but make sure the file type option in the import dialogue box is set to “postscript interpreted” and not “all file types” if you don’t do this it will come in as a bitmap.


Graphics Suite 10 – 2000

Graphics Suite 11 – 2002

Graphics Suite 12 – 2004

Version x3 – 2006

Version x4 – 2008

Version x5 – 2010

Version x6 – 2012

• Go to File menu and Import, then choose .ai in the file format drop down list.


Version x7 – 2014

• Go to File menu and Import, then choose .ai in the file format drop down list.

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